Awards categories

Category 1

Rising Star of the Year

Category 2

Community Champion of the Year

Category 3

Marketing Campaign of the Year

Category 4

Website of the Year

Category 5

Innovator of the Year

Category 6

Employer of the Year

Category 7

New Agency of the Year

Category 8

Franchise or Network Group of the Year

Category 9

Residential Auction House of the Year

Category 10

Property Management Department of the Year

Category 11

Property Management Company of the Year


Supplier Awards

Do you deliver more than you promise? Do your products and services make agents’ businesses fly? Is your technology way ahead of the crowd? Can you demonstrate innovation, quality, service and customer satisfaction?

Entries must be supported by five client testimonials. Entrants need not fill in the Financial information section of the entry form.
Suppliers may enter ONE of three categories:

Category 12

Supplier of the Year: Technology

Category 13

Supplier of the Year: Services and Products

Category 14

Supplier of the Year: Professional Support


Regional Agency Awards

You may not be the largest or the longest established – or you may be, but are you the best? This is your chance to demonstrate your standing in your geographical area, offering superb customer service, innovation, business growth and development opportunities for your staff.

Recognising the very best, there will be one winner in each of these categories – no Silver or Bronze awards.

The map here shows where the regional boundaries lie – just click to view. Areas covered are also detailed if you click on the Category.

Category 15

Regional agency: North East & North West

Category 16

Regional agency: Yorkshire and The Humber

Category 17

Regional agency: East Midlands & West Midlands

Category 18

Regional agency: East of England

Category 19

Regional agency: London

Category 20

Regional agency: South East

Category 21

Regional agency: South West

Category 22

Regional agency: Scotland

Category 23

Regional agency: Wales

Category 24

Regional agency: Northern Ireland


Agency of the Year Awards

Category 25

Small Lettings Agency of the Year (1-3 branches)

Category 26

Medium Lettings Agency of the Year (4-11 branches)

Category 27

Large Lettings Agency of the Year (12+ branches)

Category 28

Small Estate Agency of the Year (1-3 branches)

Category 29

Medium Estate Agency of the Year (4-11 branches)

Category 30

Large Estate Agency of the Year (12+ branches)